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A brief overview of tourist visa Australia

Australia is a vast place full of exciting things. From the flora and fauna to the stunning landscape and vibrant culture. The urban metropolises of Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth along with the rugged beauty of the desolate Outback and the majestic Great Barrier Reef with its corals coloured in every shade of the rainbow with fish that swim along with it of every shape and size with coloured just like the reef. And on land, wallabies, kangaroos and Koalas roam the land and bring beauty to it. And the people, some of the nicest around and with a culture that combines the ancient roots of the Aborigines and the much more recent arrivals, Australia has a very unique and amazing culture. Australia is a country that cannot be left unvisited by any decent traveler and should not be ignored by the one looking to travel for the first time even.

But, if you want to witness Australia in all its glory, you need a visitor visa. A visitor visa allows the holder of the visa to travel to and stay in Australia for a specified period of time. And as such, it should be considered as a temporary visa. During the given amount of time, the holder can either go sightseeing or visit friends and family as well. Depending on the type of visitor visa, however, you may also get to engage in certain business visitor practices as well. The visitor visa can be used for studying purposes although the Student Visa stream would be much more appropriate. This visa further divides into two more subclasses.

Tourist Visa (Subclass- 600)

This visa stream is directed at those individuals who wish to enter Australia as a tourist and visit Australia’s attractions. The visa also allows people who want to meet their friends and family to enter Australia as well. However, the visa is not meant for individuals who seek to engage in business activities or undergo medical treatment.

In order to be eligible, the holder must fulfill the character and health requirements as well as prove that they have sufficient funds needed to fund their trip to Australia. The holder must genuinely be a visitor and come to Australia and leave Australia as a visitor.

If you are on a cruise, you will need a visitor visa in order to enter Australia.

The period of stay for this visa is determined on a case by case basis. The government will consider why you want to visit Australia and for how long are you planning for. However, the period you are hoping for may not be approved by the government and might issue a period of stay that I not according to your expectations. Regardless, the period of stay will be mentioned in the grant letter. The highest possible duration of stay that can be granted is 12 months. The visa can be customized for either one entry or multiple entries. With multiple entries, it is possible to leave and enter Australia, while the visa is valid.

This visa cannot be extended. If the holder wants to stay in Australia for a longer period of time, the holder needs to apply for another Visitor Visa. Family members cannot be included in the visa. If family members wat to come, they must also fill out separate applications for the Visitor visa.

Each applicant will have to pay AUD 365 as the cost for the visa. Additionally, more charges might be added for health checks, police certificates, and biometrics. There might also be a subsequent temporary application charge as well.

The application can be processed from 4 up to 5 months.

Tourist Visa (Subclass- 676)

This visa is a visa that has been closed for new applicants and is unavailable to apply for.

The duration of the visa is stated by the department when the applicant receives it. Based on the type of visa, the holder can visit Australia multiple times or they can visit only once.

You cannot work or study in Australia while holding this visa. The duration of stay can be extended with a Tourist Visa 600 subclass.

If you are granted another visa, then you are liable to lose the period of stay remaining in your visa.

E-Visitor Visa (Subclass 651)

This visitor visa allows eligible individuals to travel to and from Australia freely in a period of 12 months and can stay in Australia for a 3-month period at a time. Also, in addition to visiting the country as a tourist and visiting friends and family, this visa also allows certain business visitor activities as well.

To be eligible, you must be a passport holder of one of these countries. Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland Portugal, Romania, Republic of San Marino, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom – British Citizen, Vatican City.

The total period of stay is 12 months with a maximum of 3 months at one time.

This visa is a free visa. The visa can be processed within 4 months.

FAQ; Tourist VISA Australia 

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