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A brief overview of family visa Australia

The Australian Family visa is the visa you need to get your family members to either visit or live in Australia. Australia is a great place to live in and an exciting place to visit. Either go on family holidays or come and study. Travel this beautiful country from shining sea to shining sea. Journey through vast Outback and the giant Ayers Rock aka. Uluru. And you can do it all with your family even if they aren’t Australian citizens! Or you can bring your family members in order to pursue an academic career.

The Australian family visa is a visa that can allow an applicant to stay in Australia on either a temporary basis or a permanent basis. The visa divides into three further streams. However, all of them require that the applicant have a close relationship that is an Australian permanent resident or an Australian citizen, or a New Zealand citizen who has gained eligibility for the visa. Each of the streams has specific requirements although all of the streams require that the applicant applies from outside Australia.

So, we will see the thick and thin areas that should be satisfied and the areas that we want to undergo before, for a family visa.

Remaining relative visa Australia – subclass 115

The Remaining Relative visa stream grants the holder of the stream the status of permanent resident in Australia. In order to become eligible for this visa, the applicant needs to have a relative who is either an Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen who is also willing and able to sponsor the applicant as an eligible parent, step-parent, sibling, or step-sibling or an eligible partner of the applicant. In addition to this requirement, the government of Australia must also approve this visa stream.  The applicant should also be able to present an assurance of support which is a statement or letter stating that the applicant will not have to depend on the government for assistance after the holder enters Australia on this visa. The visa will empower the applicant to either seek employment opportunities or begin and engage in an academic career while being a permanent resident. This assurance is meant for the holder and any family members who have arrived with the holder. The government will notify the applicant to provide assurance and support.

The Remaining Relative visa costs about 6,415 AUD. And the processing times for this visa is not available.

Sponsored family stream – subclass 600

This visa will grant the holder a temporary 12 months of visa as a visitor to Australia. To be eligible for the Sponsored Family visa, the holder of the visa should be supported by a ready and able to sponsor an also approved by the Australian Government. The visa allows you to visit family and friends, take cruises, and have holidays as long as you don’t overreact, and the visa also allows you to either study or train for a period of 3 months as well.

The cost of this visa is 145AUD though a security bond might be requested from the sponsor themselves by the government.

The processing time for the visa ranges from 4 months to 5 months.

Parent visa – subclass 103

The Parent visa stream is a permanent visa stream that grants the parent of an Australian citizen, permanent Australian resident or eligible New Zealand citizen to visit and settle down in Australia on a permanent basis. The holder will become a permanent resident of Australia and can also sponsor others as well as being granted the ability to apply for an Australian citizenship. The applicant for the parent visa should be sponsored by a sponsor and if the applicant is under 18, they can be sponsored by an eligible relative or community organization. The holder of this visa can either start working in Australia or even begin a new academic career in Australia as well. However, it is required that the applicant must also obtain and provide an assurance of support. This means that the applicant will be declaring that he does not have to depend upon the Australian government with regards to his finances. This requirement is for both the holder and his family members.   The government will send a notification regarding whether or not you have been approved by the AAT. A retiree does not need to follow all these steps and submit an assurance of support.

The holder can also subscribe to Australia’s public healthcare system as well. The application for this visa must be submitted by the applicant of the visa stream while being abroad and not on Australian soil. He cannot have also held a Sponsored Visa while applying. The visa aloe would cost 6,415 AUD. While the processing times for visa is unavailable as well.

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