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A brief overview of business & Investor visa Australia

Australia is a land of opportunity and is a hub of economic activity. Businesses and entrepreneurial activities have the potential to boom and soar with the right push and pull of the market. Ad if you want to take hold of that opportunity by the horns, then the Australian Business visa is the visa for you!

The Australian Business Visa is a type of visa designed so that a person can either operate an existing business or start a new business within Australia. Additionally, the visa can also allow the holder to manage and conduct business within Australia as well. The holder is also able to engage in any investment or entrepreneurial activities within Australia.

The business visa has streams that it can be divided into, with each stream being designed for a specific purpose. These streams have their own criteria that should be filled as well.

Regardless of the requirements of each stream, there are other requirements that should be fulfilled prior to selecting the stream the applicant wants to select.  

  • The applicant must submit an Expression of Interest in SkillSelect.
  • The applicant should be nominated by a State or Territory government.
  • The applicant should be invited to apply for the visa.

Business innovation stream visa Australia

If one wants to operate an existing business or begin a new venture within Australia, the Business Innovation stream is the stream he must choose. If you are the owner of an existing business or if you are. The approval of a State or Territory government is needed as part of the qualification criteria. In addition to that, you must also show proof of your business success I.e. ownership stake or annual turnover. You must also have personal assets that amount to at least 8,000 AUD.

A period of 4 years and 3 months is allocated by the visa.

The visa will cost 5,375 Australian Dollars.

The processing time of the visa has no standard processing time so the processing time for the visa will vary.

Investor stream business visa Australia – subclass 188

Investing, although a part of business, is very different from the usual business and as such requires it’s own visa.

The Investor stream is able to evaluate an individual and grant that visa. Either a State or Territory government must approve of the individual who must also be prepared to invest at least 1.5 million AUD in Australia.

The staying period allowed for this visa can lead up to 4 years and 3 months.

The cost of the visa will be 5,375 AUD and the processing time may vary.

Significant investor stream business visa Australia 

If investors are willing and are able to invest more in Australia, then they have to choose the Significant Investor stream visa. A nomination by a state or territory government is needed with the applicant investing at least 5 million AUD in Australia

The staying duration of the applicant is 4 months and 3 years.

The cost of the visa is 7,780 AUD.

There is no standard processing period.

There is no standard processing period.

Business innovation extension stream – subclass 188

A holder of a business innovation visa can extend their stay in Australia by two years after applying for the Business Innovation Extension stream.

If applying for the extension stream, the applicant must have held the normal business Innovation stream visa for at least a period of three years.

Additionally, the holder must be nominated by a State or Territory government of Australia.

The visa will cost the applicant 645AUD.

There is no standard processing time for this stream.

Significant investor extension stream – subclass 188

The extension visa can extend the Investors stay in Australia by up to 4 years. These four years increase the total period a holder can stay in Australia to 8 years.

The applicant is allowed to have held only one Investor stream subclass and also has to receive a nomination from a state or territory government.

There is no standard processing time for this stream.

The cost of this stream is 645AUD.

Premium investor stream business visa Australia

To obtain this particular visa, one must have to be nominated by the Austrade organization or has to have invested at least 15 million AUD in Investments within Australia or philanthropic contributions in Australia.

The holder of this visa can stay within Australia for 4 years and three months.

The visa will cost AUD 9,455. There is no guaranteed processing time for this visa.

Entrepreneur Stream

If you want to engage in entrepreneurial activities within Australia, a hotspot of business and commerce, then you have t choose the Entrepreneur visa stream. The visa allows the entrepreneur to conduct his business activities within Australian borders.

In addition to having approval from a State or Territory government in Australia, the entrepreneur has to also have a funding agreement with a third party indicating that he means to engage in entrepreneurial activities.

The holder can stay for up to 4 years and 3 months. The cost of this visa is 4,045 AUD.

The processing time is unavailable since there is only a low number of applicants.

FAQ; Business and Investor VISA Australia 

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