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A brief overview of Australian citizenship

So, you’ve been in Australia for quite some time. You’ve seen the sights, walked the streets, met the people, eating the food, smelled the flowers, and felt the weather. You’ve now decided that being a permanent resident is not enough. You want to be more than just a permanent resident. You want to be a certified Australian Citizen. Taking the big step from permanent resident to full Australian citizen is a step that will be able to bring out more opportunities and open a lot more doors from the social and economic environment of Australia around you. It is also able to open certain political doors to you as well since you will be a full-fledged Australian citizen.

If an applicant wants to be an Australian citizen, then the applicant has to meet certain requirements to gain eligibility as an Australian citizen.

Citizenship Australia 

The applicant has to either be a permanent resident of Australia who has lived in Australia for 4 or more years or be an eligible citizen from New Zealand when the application for the citizenship grant is submitted and when the government will make a decision about the application. Usually, it is considered that the Applicant should remain in Australia when the decision by the government to either approve or reject the application is made. The applicant should also have spent a considerable amount of time within Australia and should know the country and the culture quite well. Additionally, the applicant should also want to live in Australia or make a permanent, long-lasting bond with Australia while the applicant is in a foreign land. Additionally, the applicant must also fulfill the character requirement which is based on how well the applicant has upheld the laws of Australia and whether they have any legal obligations to any state or territory governments. Any criminal convictions, reports of domestic abuse, and association with people of concern may be considered. In order to fulfill the requirement of knowledge on Australia, a citizenship test will be conducted and the applicant should achieve at least 75% to pass. There is also a language requirement that has to be fulfilled but, if the citizenship test has been passed, then there is no need for it. However, for some applicants, an interview will be conducted to gauge their competence in understanding what becoming a citizen of Australia means and their knowledge on what kind of responsibilities and privileges a person can receive if they are an Australian citizen.

Australian Citizenship privileges 

Once an applicant becomes a full-fledged Australian citizen after being a permanent resident for some time, the newly appointed citizen can engage in some social and political activities that have previously been unavailable to them.

One of the biggest factors that become available is the ability to vote. The citizen can now vote for federal and state or territory elections and also take part in referendums. The citizen can now also even look for a path that can get them elected to the parliament. The citizen can also seek and apply for jobs in the Australian Public Service or the Defence Force of Australia.

There is also the availability of applying for an Australian passport and being able to re-enter Australia freely without any hassle. If abroad after they’ve gained citizenship, a citizen can request aid from an Australian official. The citizen can also register children that have been born abroad as Australian citizens.

If the citizen is engaged in an academic career, then they can apply for student loans and student allowances as well.

Other information need to know before you apply

The citizenship test is for permanent residents who are 59 years or younger. If you are a permanent resident who is either 60 years old or above, you do not need to sit for the citizenship exam.   

When applying for Australian citizenship, the application also includes a dependent child who is 15 years old or younger in the application that is submitted at no cost. However, the child too must have permanent residency as well.

 If the parent is not aiming to apply for Australian citizenship, then a child who is 15 years or younger can apply for Australian citizenship granted that they are already permanent residents and have fulfilled the residence requirements.

However, they must be able to produce the fees necessary to pay the required fee. A dependent child who is either 17 or 16 years old cannot be included in the application. The child must be a permanent resident of Australia and they must apply for Australian citizenship on their own after following the required process for them to apply.

  1. If there is a child who has been born outside Australia and has a parent who is an Australian citizen, you can apply for Australian citizenship as well.
  2. The parent has to be an Australian citizen at the time of birth and you must show that you have good character if you are 18 years or older when you apply.
  3. This costs AUD 23 with AUD 95 additionally for each sibling.
  4. Applying for Australian citizenship will cost AUD 285.
  5. However, there may be some exceptions.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

FAQ; Australian Citizenship 

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